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Floridiots 2021 (Ep.4)

Backwater Jack’s provided all but the turkey for three hungry guys. Steve had misfire with a rare regrettable order. Brendan got Yuengling lager while Dag sipped Porpoise Party IPA. Elegant car road rage threatened to upend a breakfast sandwich promise.

About This Episode

It’s the last radiocast from Florida and the guys have brought home their breakfast items with a minimal amount of mis-ordered food envy. They deserved a good breakfast (and a specialty coffee) after surviving a particularly harrowing showdown on the road involving Steve and a hotshot in the right lane. There’s a report from the driving range, which was less nasty than Steve remembered, though Dag confirms that the bathroom could stand a deep cleaning. Brendan ate like a king at Backwater Jack’s, thanks to Steve’s non-transferrable JackPack™ Club membership and a bonus round of grouper tacos. Will the lobster rolls and pastrami sandwiches have to wait until the next time Brendan and Dag come to visit? Steve closes the show by sharing his favorite memory of the whole trip.

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