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Steeling Ourselves

Steve was a homebody all weekend after dropping his co-hosts at the airport on Friday. Upon landing, Brendan ordered two char dogs and Dag stopped for soup. Tom Thayer is in Pittsburgh. Tom enjoyed a five-stack of sliders served on a bed of onion rings.

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Brendan and Dag returned home safely, not to mention well ahead of schedule. This threw off Dag’s pickup from the airport, but it did allow him to enjoy some Indian soup in Park Ridge while waiting for a train. Speaking of Indian food, Steve has a newfound interest in it, thanks to an Alton Brown Good Eats episode. Brendan went straight for some char-dogs after arriving in Chicago. Steve is lonely and misses the guys, Janet, Rosie, the rest of the family and Henry’s football games; hence his re-booking his departure for a day earlier. Tom Thayer is in Pittsburgh, and in his standard Bears gameday crabby mode. But he’s quite jovial with us and happy to talk, as always.

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