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Forget It, He’s Rolling

Steve and Matt are catching The Who’s Tommy at Goodman Theatre. The Marquette Blueberry Festival features blueberry bratwurst and blueberry beer. Steve’s Mac is touchy, so he is trying not to touch it. WTRU’s J.R. Russ is our aircheck DJ on this Friday.

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In the early days of personal computing, the debate between PCs and Macs represented bean counters versus creative types. Brendan wonders if there’s such a place as Bronson, Missouri. Dag seems to get personally offended at the use of the word “vinyls” in reference to albums. Bringing back Aircheck Friday, we tune in with J.R. Russ’s last night on WTRU in Muskegon, Michigan. Steve has some thoughts on the way he came out of a jingle, but J.R provides a great listening experience, and we pay tribute to him on today’s show.

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