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Fresh Meth Tonight

Steve believes he’s had the cheeseburger that inspired Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger” song. Virginia makes an angsty pit stop at Mars Cheese Castle. A phallic statue disappears near Munich. The free meth offer in the Sunshine State isn’t what it seems.

About This Episode

It’s practically a Foodie Friday (remember those?) today, as we talk pastrami and also check in with the Old Nerd (remember him?) for what appears to be a highly conflicted, sponsored (not to mention visually unappealing to Steve) review. The food discovery of the show, however, is Brendan’s improvised take on a Korean street taco. It’s, well, let’s say it has a uniqueness about it. A statue pops up in Germany, but after an explosion of interest, it’s nowhere to be found. A Floridiot issues a revenge prank on a former flame, and lots of interested strangers (i.e creeps) turn up for what seems like an ideal date. Virginia adds a little cheese into the mix, as well. Mangia mangia! Dahl merchandise for Xmas? THE SLIMEBALL COMPANY STORE

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