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Dag fears barcodes because he read weird religious comic books as a boy. Tom Thayer put his famous steak towel to work during a food truck visit. Tom isn’t sold on Steve’s choice of goo pies. Steve offered the internet guy a cup of fresh roasted coffee.

About This Episode

It’s a cold Monday morning for Steve, Brendan and Dag, either because of sub-zero temperatures or an air conditioner that’s cranked. Dag recalls fire and brimstone comic books from his church youth group, while Steve shares the story of an actual church fire in Florida. Brendan is delighting in a new Bucktown source for crab rangoon. Tom Thayer is getting ready for an afternoon of golf, if he actually makes it to the afternoon. He declares Steve’s pies as nothing more than goo, but blows our mind with a pie milkshake recipe. Did Janet dose Steve? Could Steve work in a pit crew? Could you ignore a dog? Will Dag’s car ever be fixed?

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