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Janet went shopping for Steve. Dag’s car troubles continue as they have to remove the dashboard to examine the wires. We listen to teddy bear songs and one reminds Dag of road trips with The Slugs. Deciding on a pepper mill causes Brendan consternation.

About This Episode

It’s a flavorful podcast as our talk of Freshly meatloaf and garlic bread leads us to the main course: which pepper grinder is Brendan going to choose? The three-foot long novelty grinder (a bargain at $219?), the gravity powered but low capacity salt and pepper grinder pair, or a more simple version? And what about his compost club? Meanwhile, Steve and Janet share some wild memories of an Alaskan cruise with listeners. Dag’s still facing car trouble but he hears cash register bells going off as each minute passes. We all take a minute to enjoy a somber Red Sovine classic.

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