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Good Riddance, Ian!

Steve went to the fruit store for caramel apples, but had no cash. It’s Mary Dahl’s 10th birthday and she’s having lunch at Guac N Tacos. Janet is buying her a grown-up bomber jacket. James fetched Grandpa’s cane. The grandkids are Steve’s new audience.

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Steve’s physical therapy is coming along nicely, but it’s getting more intense as his therapist keeps pushing him harder and his knee gets stronger. Steve drove himself to Hinsdale to shop for fruit, which took the form of caramel apples and cherry pie. So, sort of fruit. There’s a birthday in the Dahl house today, where the morning started off with a slight coffee kerfuffle. Steve’s been watching Florida TV non-stop, and has become obsessed with calling BS on Sheriff Carmine. Let's hope Carmine is wrong, and Steve is right.

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