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He Never Returned?

Steve is off to CarMax to test drive a used Lexus. David Hochberg has a fresh cut from his stylist of 9 years. His Vest-a-Thon raised over $100K. Steve found an emergency broadcast with instructions for vacating the city. Janet instituted a Mustgo meal.

About This Episode

Steve returns to the golf course and takes a little break in woods, leading to an impromptu survey that no one seems too interested in taking. Brendan can’t contain his excitement for the Oscars, and had his own preparatory mini-filmfest over the weekend. Dag’s skiing bliss was offset by the full day sick in bed that followed. David Hochberg talks about his successful vest-a-thon, and also has a few choice words about interest rates. Some Western Springs youth are on a wave of ding dong ditching. We also take subscriber calls at (708) NOW-I-WAV, which is (708) 669-4928‬.

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