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Hold The Ball!

Steve golfed with another chap and it upped his game. Brendan has a bloody knee. Rick Kogan once wrote a one-sided article about the Steve and Garry breakup. The California fence dispute is nearly settled. Steve hopes it’s the last loose end Roger left.

About This Episode

A wounded and bloody Brendan recounts a difficult night on the softball diamond, including a familial spat that resolves itself with a happy ending. Speaking of sports, Steve continues to experience personal growth as a golfer, as he shoots a round with a stranger, who compliments his game. Steve recalls a rough afternoon at the home of a fellow DJ. Speaking of radio, Brendan unearths an old in-depth (well, half-depth; Steve was never contacted for his side of the story) Rick Kogan article on the breakup of Steve and Garry.

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