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Sartorial Confinement

Steve played 18 with a buddy of Brendan’s. He enjoyed the round and heard details about a recent DJ Greese gig. Steve is probably wearing shorts to R.J. Grunts 50th Anniversary shindig. Janet feels pants confine him. Janet wants to see ‘In The Heights’.

About This Episode

Steve continues his growth as a social golfer, and, after a little prodding, accepts a request from a pair of fellow duffers. Turns out they had a great time. In fact, they even share some info with Steve about a recent epic set from none other than DJ Greese. That’s right, Brendan put another successful DJ gig in the books, with a very well received all-ages show. Things were pumping to such a degree that they even coaxed ($$$) some additional time out of Brendan. What will Steve wear to tonight’s R.J. Grunts 50th Anniversary party? Is Ben Platt too old to reprise his Dear Evan Hansen role? Steve will be missing Laura Dreyfuss as the GF.

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