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Hospital Steve Emerges

Steve has a brand new knee. He had a congenital bone defect. Nurse Janet helped him get set up to broadcast from the dining room. The Sodcast was a rousing success and everyone had a blast. Dag commandeered a golf cart. Hospital Steve echoes Roger Dahl.

About This Episode

Steve is back behind the microphone after an intense week of pain management and slowly increasing mobility. Nurse Janet has been a saint throughout all this, and Steve, despite the occasional bit of grumpiness, is incredibly grateful. The journey to full recovery has begun! We also have a recap of our incredible golf outing from last Monday. Once Dag and Brendan were equipped with deluxe transportation, and Dag was given the use of a proper driver by subscriber Karen, the fun really started. After one week off, we’re back with renewed energy and a love of Mick Jagger’s lyrics.

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