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Season 1, Episode 10

The whole Dahlcast team’s good Friday mood is made even better by a phone call with Buzz Kilman, the proud owner of Toby, the most pampered turtle in Chicago. Steve is doing his restaurant “due diligence” for his upcoming TV appearance on Check Please!

About This Episode

It’s a Friday show and all the Dahlcasters are getting ready for the weekend. They’re also chipping in and drumming up interest in the subscription podcast format. Brendan is reaching out to his relatives and is getting some interest on the McBride side. Steve gets a copy of an unedited Ozzie Guillen rave out, but he can’t name his source. A longtime listener turns to Mary and Steve for some postpartum weight loss and exercise motivation. Even in a skanky mens room, Steve still has a sense of decorum. Steve is a guest on Check Please and he’s visiting assorted restaurants ahead of his appearance. He doesn’t need a suggestion as far as leaving a tip. The great Buzz Kilman is on the phone and shares some amazing stories of his beloved turtle Toby. Is he a little too needy for an amphibian? Also: are killer cows a thing?

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