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Is Yours Raisin Too?

Pest control put peanut butter traps in the Dahl basement. Brendan insists that Steve and Dag wear fashionable masks. Steve bought German pfeffernusse cookies and doled out old man advice at the bakery. Does Australian Labradoodle Rosie sport an accent?

About This Episode

Steve takes delivery on a fresh round of mice poison. Brendan feels let down by Steve and Dag’s usage of plain masks instead of branded masks that show allegiance to sports teams. Reminding a Kirschbaum’s customer that a bakery’s daily goal is to sell out of baked goods, Steve contemplates his his future as a free range old man, dispensing advice and engaging in chatter. Brendan’s high society sushi fantasy becomes a real-life controversy for a college QB. Ron Lewis leaves a soothing voicemail message. Steve only learned about California during his school days, and thusly is able to build models of the state, and construct a functioning sluice box. An Italian restaurant is opening in Burr Ridge, but we need to keep it on the zit-zit!

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