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Just For The Halibut

The Dahls went out for a fantastic pizza night with the Sklars. Groovy history hips us as to which Jimmy Buffett song was intended for Elvis. Brendan took Steve’s halibut advice and it made his Seattle trip complete. The pool meeting is called to order.

About This Episode

Steve feels he knows too much (or just enough?) about pools and hot tubs to attend the condo meeting, so Janet has his proxy. Brendan outlines the second part of his weekend in the Pacific Northwest, and reveals that he made the uncharacteristic move of actually taking a piece of Steve’s advice. The results were divine. Brendan also reveals a heretofore unknown (to us, anyway) bit of trivia regarding Margaritaville. Jim Fabbrini checks in to talk roses. Steve fake promises a deep-sea fishing excursion to Dag and Brendan, two of the finest chum and barrel men in the business.

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