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Sport Coats and Sealcoating

Tom Thayer expresses his feelings about friend Steve McMichael in the wake of Mongo’s ALS diagnosis. Tom’s visits with Ming bear witness to the courage of #76. Dag’s sealcoater stood him up. Brendan flies to Portland. We discuss the 93rd Academy Awards.

About This Episode

Steve is rearranging his home studio, not to mention his choice of attire in which to do the podcast. Dag has been stood up by his driveway sealcoater, and he’s trying to keep his cool. We have a good chat with Tom Thayer, who recalls his mother’s extremely accommodating nature to any restaurant guests with special requests. We also talk openly about Steve McMichael’s recent announcement of his battle with ALS. Tom and some other Bears are visiting with Mongo to help keep his spirits up and to look for ways to make things a little more comfortable for him around his house. Theirs is a true friendship, spanning many decades. And we’ve been eagerly awaiting details from Brendan’s weekend trip to Portland and Seattle. Brendan wraps them in a sport coat and delivers them First Class to us on today’s podcast.

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