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Just One Wish?

Steve, Dag and Joe are turned off by the trendy apple butter and butternut squash tacos served up in Bucktown. Steve reveals a big wish. Joe answers Steve’s questions about the intricacies of the Spanish language. Steve feels comfortable around ex-nuns.

Steve is considering getting copper for his cupola, whatever that means. Joe joins us today and does a lot of helpful explaining with regards to Mexican ice cream options. Speaking of Mexican food, Brendan has discovered a new taqueria in Bucktown, and they’re serving some items that are about as far away from street food as you can get, leaving Bucktown OG Dag to shake his head, while also coveting one of their artisanal churros. What would you do with just one wish? If you said world peace, please stand in front of Steve in the wish line. Brendan and Dag recall their night at a Bulls game, while Steve remembers the discomfort of his courtside seats with Gene Siskel.

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