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Dag made chicken tomatillo from scratch and Steve ate matzo ball soup. Janet witnessed Steve’s TV scavenger hunt. Marquee Network hired Boog Sciambi and gave Chris Myers a punny new show. Podcast industry secrets spill forth amidst Scooby Doo discourse.

About This Episode

Starting your own podcast? Of course you are, because everyone is. Let today’s DahlCast serve as a primer for your new venture, as we methodically take you through the finer points of pivoting, deploying a callback, and learning a single piece of information on a variety of subjects. There’s also handy (or fingery?) advice about picking your nose (spoiler alert: don’t do it) and pitching cartoon ideas to a network. It’s one of the most informative podcasts you’ll ever hear. It’s probably good enough for the Marquee Network.

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