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Kasper’s Ghosts

Len Kasper joins us from White Sox Spring Training in Glendale, Arizona. He opens up about his jump from the Cubs to the Sox and the difference fans make at games. Steve and Janet are preparing the condo for the arrival of Mike & Kathryn and their kids.

About This Episode

Steve prepares to return to his earliest days of home broadcasting (you all remember KSRD, yes?) as he’ll move podcast operations into the bedroom when Mike Dahl and his family arrive this weekend. He’s got a cool vintage card table at his disposal to create a pro atmosphere. We check in with Len Kasper in Arizona as he’s getting ready for his first season of White Sox Baseball. Len’s now part of an elite team of Chicago sports broadcasters who’ve worked both sides of town. It’s not quite clear whether Brendan has forgiven Len for making the move, though. We also hear a teaser from the the completed debut record by Sonic45, Len and Dag’s band.

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