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The Royal Tampon

Rosie is due to be groomed. She has an appointment at Shampooch today. We assess Dag’s dish sponges. As far as New York hot dogs go, Steve likes Nathan’s and Dag prefers Papaya King. Steve recalls Prince Charles’ tampon wish and a corresponding SNL bit

About This Episode

It’s Rosie’s big day at the groomer, where Steve and Janet are trying to find her something in the sweet spot between style and protection from the sun’s rays. Plus, she still needs to maintain her duties as a lady magnet for a strolling Steve. Brendan advises Dag to throw his sponge away. Today is Thursday, so that means it’s Ask Janet day. Steve is still trying to get Janet’s new phone up to speed. Plus, how do the British tabloids get away with such crazy-ass journalism? Does Prince Chuck still want tampon duty?

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