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Kneecap Recap

Steve’s hearing comes and goes. He’s enjoying ‘Only Murders in the Building’ on Hulu. Steve & Janet have separate reasons for pausing TV shows. They’re also giving ‘Ordinary Joe’ a shot. Steve has his cargo pockets all mapped out to hold specific items.

About This Episode

Steve and Janet are watching Ordinary Joe, a new TV show that seems to have found its inspiration in This Is Us. Brendan and Dag have some thoughts and questions about the show. Brendan recounts his night at the recent Guns N’ Roses show at Wrigley, while we dive into a GN'R myth involving some sweet lovemaking in the recording studio. Janet joins us for a knee recap, er, update, as well as some reflections on her birthday dinner. Steve stealthily photographs a man who’s sporting some cargo pants (Steve’s next fashion frontier?) that he finds quite appealing. Is Steve spending too much time on TikTok, and if so, what is he really “learning” while there?

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