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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Steve checks in on the podcast competition and considers an offer to converse with Barry Gibb. Jay Cutler samples camel meat. Dag labored as a pig gland transporter. Naperville experiments with smart shopping carts at the new Amazon Fresh grocery store.

About This Episode

The aftermath of Disco Demolition is back in Steve’s life, thanks to a recent Bee Gees documentary. Will Dr. Keith Sklar help facilitate a sit down between Steve and Barry Gibb? Watch this space. Thanks to Jay Cutler, we learn that camel meat is making its way on to many menus, prompting Brendan to give Dag a good idea. Is the show repetitive or is it repetitive? Do we rejoin or wait? What’s the hottest podcast? All this and more, on today’s DahlCast.

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