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Hoarding Fruitcakes

Steve sustained a rug burn on his elbow from planking. Tom Thayer regards David Montgomery as worthy of carrying on the tradition of determined Bears running backs. Steve donated his fat pants to Goodwill. At the same time, he’s now hoarding fruitcakes.

About This Episode

An inspirational television show based on a real life Logan Square coffee shop is headed to NBC, and the owner keeps topping himself off with hot praise. Tom Thayer is in a much better mood today, and as a result, he’s keeping hope alive for Bears fans. He and Jeff were watching a helium-fueled Steve (and a mildly mind-blown Meatloaf) on a vintage Tom Snyder Tomorrow Show. Steve’s dedicated to his morning planking, but the rug burns on his elbows are worrisome. There’s a new discovery in the Dahl household: another family member confesses to liking fruitcake.

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