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Steve opted for local anesthesia at the dentist. Big Chicks got shut down because of a COVID-positive patron. Tom Thayer feels a bit gloomy after a disappointing Bears effort in Los Angeles. Support Thayer Bros Deli in Joliet! Order chicken noodle soup!

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Tech talk starts the show as we assemble our gear, including the important backup recorders (we each have our own methods). It’s a tough morning for Tom Thayer after last night’s no-show Bears, and for the second time that he can recall in his broadcasting history, he selected no one as the Bears Player of the Game. Ouch. Steve’s tooth replacement was not the one-and-done he’d hoped for at his dental appointment yesterday. It looks to be a months long procedure, but he could end up with a mouth that speaks from beyond the grave. A kidney-draining priest makes an Ambien-fueled mistake on a flight from Vegas, and in the process of chasing the story, Brendan discovers his favorite new local (DTW) news reporter.

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