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Lock Me Up

Steve needs a driveway design to prevent rainwater from seeping into his garage. Dag got out for a round of golf. The Kia ran over a bottle of Patron, but the Nexen Tire survived. Season 2 of The Bear is excellent. Joe filmed at an abandoned train stop.

About This Episode

Steve had wanted to golf yesterday, but the rainstorm had other plans. He instead stayed at home and tried to keep his garage free of water. Dag, on the other hand, was able to grab a spontaneous nine holes to test out his new driver. Spoiler alert: it didn’t deliver the effortless miracles he thought it would. Apparently, you still have to hit the ball correctly. Brendan has been bingeing on The Bear, but has also become smitten with the gently stammering comedic genius of Bob Newhart. He has also discovered the resilience of his Kia’s Nexen tires. What does Hillary Clinton have planned for Steve? Will he cooperate?

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