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Ya Got Trouble

Steve tells the story of sliced Wonder Bread, much to Janet’s chagrin. Taco Bell shorted Steve on Mild Sauce. The Eagles announced a farewell tour with Steely Dan. Conan O’Brien is a big fan of The Music Man and would like to perform “Trouble” on stage.

About This Episode

Despite not seeing a Broadway in Chicago musical downtown, Steve and Janet enjoyed the tacos in bed experience once more, after a long absence. Some fancy people refer to the space where their car resides as a garage: what do *you* call it? After a brief exploration of The Music Man, we pay tribute to the genius of The Simpsons episode that features a monorail coming to Springfield, written by fellow Music Man fan, Conan O'Brien. A pair of major rock acts have announced a tour that ought to have Baby Boomers reaching deep for their AmEx cards. What has The Bear really done to restaurants in the area? Celebrity chef Rick Bayless recently weighed in. Enjoy today’s DahlCast, the greatest thing since sliced bread!

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