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Matt Dahl joins the show for an alternate perspective on Grandpa’s hijinks and to recap a pathway rescue.  A junk hauler scored a gem of an appliance. Janet recites the lyrics to her childhood Easter songs. The pool was closed down due to contamination.

About This Episode

On this very special episode of Easter Weekend With The Dahls we experience a wide range of emotions. Janet walks us through an important hymn, and we discover the role that birds played on that fateful first Good Friday. Steve needs to either find a new fresh squeezed orange juice supplier or get a machine to do it himself, provided it can fit in a cupboard underneath the counter. Matt Dahl joins us to retell the story of the pathway emergency that pressed him into duty, as well as to let us know about the nature of Steve and Rowan’s relationship. More details about the successful April 1st prank are also revealed.

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