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Maui, Monsters and Meat

Tom Thayer encourages donations to locals who’ve been displaced by the Maui wildfires. Brendan suggests a Barbie matinee, but Dag is going to Houston and Steve is wary of audio bleed-through. Steve helped look for a missing purse at Emmett’s pool party.

About This Episode

Brendan plans a friend fest with Steve and Dag, and uses a fun evite as an announcement. They’re certainly interested, but that’s another way of saying they’re not going. We have a lengthy chat with Tom Thayer, and he’s got some stark insights about the Hawaiian tragedy. There’s also lots of Bears business to discuss, including Tom’s frustrations with some new rules. He’s ready to take his case to the highest authorities, if need be. He also reveals the reason he was recently forced to eat some lemons. What happens when you slip on a piece of prosciutto? You call your lawyer, that’s what.

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