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The Last Resort

Steve’s been blousing his shirt at the club. Do you return shopping carts to the corral? Should bikes be allowed on sidewalks? Steve wept while playing an Eagles’ song and thinking about Lahaina. Steve and Janet liked Zach Galifianakis’ Ty Warner movie.

About This Episode

Was Steve an Hawaiian god or king in another lifetime? Brendan encounters an angry Aldi shopper, but she elicits no sympathy from him, as she’d broken so many store rules and flagrantly and selfishly violated several major moral codes. Has this experience soured Brendan on Sunday night shopping? A pair of hecklers connect during today’s show. Facebook is split on Springsteen, based on some comments on our show’s page. There’s some (heart)breaking news from 1948 concerning one of The Little Rascals.

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