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Meet Me in St. Louis

Steve’s stage banter at ChicagoFest 1981 was uninhibited. We consider names for the song talk up segment. Dag narrowly avoided an album tragedy. A retiree in Florida reportedly lowered his Speedo in public. Velveeta unveils a cheese-scented nail polish.

About This Episode

In the final show before vacation, we learn about a Florida flasher who’s got a lot to handle. Also, would you consider fingernails that smell like Velveeta Cheese? We revisit an old video from Chicagofest in 1981 featuring Mostly lady fans fans talking about what they love about Steve. Also on that video, and coincidentally on the 27th anniversary of Steve's sobriety, we hear a very drunk Steve on stage dressed as fat Elvis. The Still Unnamed Record Talkup Segment is bristling with activity, not to mention Steve’s genius gift! Have a great week, everyone, and enjoy the show from Season 1 of the DahlCast.

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