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Season 1, Episode 1

Steve announces his plan for a subscription-based DahlCast starting August 1st. We make extensive progress in getting Pete to stop using the announce mic every Monday. Mary tells us about the Saturday night she spent with her sister, a friend and ESPO1.

About This Episode

The date is July 11, 2011 and Robert Feder has made the announcement in his column that we are taking the DahlCast behind a paywall. At the time, we were putting the show up for free every day on Wizard (Libsyn) and there was ZERO money in it. If we ran an ad within the show from Wizard, we got like 25ยข per thousand downloads. Daddy had just lost his big fat CBS Radio paycheck, so that wasn't going to get everybody paid. These days, you can make upwards of $25.00 per thousand downloads, depending on who you are and what you do, but things seem to have worked out okay for us. This show features the old gang and even some Tom Thayer. Enjoy, and thanks for letting us have some time off!

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