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Steve doesn’t like it when shows alter from their mission statement. Our Subscriber of the Day broke her humerus trying to smush a bug on the ceiling. Danish hot dogs were served at a Scandinavian fest Mike Mascow attended. Steve opts for the blue pill.

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Steve’s got a “Road Closed” sign in front of his house, and that’s not just a metaphor: work continues on the road repair project in his neighborhood, and sometimes until deep into the night. Brendan is happy to inform us that reports of Michigan Avenue’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. What’s your go-to for feel-good TV? Is a Ted Lasso in anguish really what we want to see? Brendan lays out the Matrix concept, as well as its pill menu, for Steve and Dag. It’s also a Talk To Me Tuesday. Did your call make it to the show? You’ll also hear some details from the covert Mulaney/Bears Project.

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