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Steve reads Ernest Angley’s obituary. Angley once threatened Steve’s life. Dag had nerves before The Slugs’ first gig. Tom Thayer’s anecdote about Mike Golic unwrapping French onion soup can’t be topped. Henry introduced Steve to YouTube star Mr. Beast.

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Steve was quite the handyman over the Mother’s Day weekend, but during his kitchen project, he determined that his house is shifting. He also discovered Mr. Beast (thanks to Henry). Tom Thayer joins us for lively conversation, despite already having pulled a four-hour shift on the radio. Brendan issues a formal statement declaring his total disapproval of a Bears’ move to Arlington Heights. Speaking of that town, that’s where Dag powered through two sold out (in the good way) Expo’76 shows, despite his shredded voice. He also reveals his surprising knowledge of the template for a Hallmark Movies. Ernest Angley has died and Steve recalls an evening spent in the presence of the great healer, anointer, and, as it turns out, genital inspector.

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