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Not Deep Enough

Steve recounts his vacation to Paris with Pat. Janet saw Catherine of Siena’s head while touring Italy. Steve and Janet are both recommending David Letterman’s interview with Kim Kardashian on Netflix. Janet doesn’t approve of Letterman’s beard, though.

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The warm weather is good for a California boy like Steve, but Florida has been calling him as of late. Steve relays the information that Napoleon was taller than history has given him credit for, causing us to wonder what other myths need debunking. Janet answers your emails today and reveals that she wants TV and radio shows that offer love. Are Steve and Janet planting their tulip bulbs deeply enough or are they merely planting easy to reach squirrel snacks? Rosie proves a little difficult on her walks with Steve. And just days after giving birth to baby James, Mike’s wife Catherine is back to being a busy mom, much to our communal disbelief.

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