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Nothing Good End With “Gate”

Quotes from the OceanGate CEO failed to emphasize safety and Steve doesn’t like the odds for the sub. A Mark Zuckerberg versus Elon Musk cage match is drawing chatter. Steve met his grandson’s swimming nemesis. Emmett is starting to dominate swim meets.

About This Episode

We take a deep dive on the very disturbing story of the Titan submersible, and ponder the notion of billionaires being so restless, reckless and feeling the need to recast themselves as explorers, not to mention their taking an unsettlingly nonchalant approach to safety. Which brings us to the mystifying matter of a cage match between Elon Musk and and Mark Zuckerberg. Our precious billionaires seem to be losing their minds these days. The good news from the water is that Emmett Dahl is absolutely dominating as a competitive swimmer.

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