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Bobby “Ono” Ocean

Steve dons his disc jockey headphones and talks up the long version of “Twilight Zone” by Golden Earring. Dag smooshed a wasp and heard it emit a painful last gasp. Radio jock Bobby Ocean earns our weekly aircheck honor for his work on San Diego’s KCBQ.

About This Episode

Dag is plagued by a wasp in his attic studio and needs to eliminate it, so he steps away briefly. He returns to the show feeling pangs of guilt, as he relates how the large predatory insect issued its final expression of pain as Dag was squashing it. Steve tracks down some highly-scoped airchecks of an early radio idol, Bobby “Ono” Ocean, a guy who bopped up and down the dial on the West Coast. Steve is planning a trip to Detroit with Janet, and has some food stops picked out already. An army moves on its stomach. Happy Friday, DahlCast subscribers!

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