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Oils Well That Ends Well

Steve prefers a greaseless lotion at the spa. Dag is curious about the origin of the Island Boys. Jason Derulo got in a fight with escalator instigators. Virginia is feeling 99. Dag was once employed by a rental business. We dip into some oily goodness.

About This Episode

Steve is constantly on the lookout for quality content for his TikTok account, but he’s unsure about his dancing. Speaking of TikTok, we try to find out more about the Island Boys. Sadly, after hearing them, we can’t quite figure out the origin of their fame. Virginia joins us today for another slice of theatrical comedy gold (we’re hoping for a table read for next Friday.) Domino’s is offering a tin of cheese that looks to be "an oily situation of gooey deliciousness". That brings us back to the question: is greaseless lotion an oxymoron?

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