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Steve lied to his Apple Watch about slipping on the ice. He spread his Pellets of Fire on the driveway. Tom Thayer’s dogs are fired up as Tom reacts to the dismissal of Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. Tom prepared a gourmet menu for the road trip to Minnesota.

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Janet and Steve fall victim to the weekend weather and stage their own impromptu Ice Capades. Steve made the choice to lie to his own watch. Brendan’s birthday night out at Joe’s was a load of fun as Dalton & The Sheriffs paid tribute to his cousin Patrick. Getting there was a little slippery, however. Tom Thayer feels the Bears need a short-fused, non-nurturing coach, not a dance party host. He has one in mind. We also find out what goes on in a good quarterback’s mind every time he steps up to the line. Tom’s road food menu sounds amazing, and could possibly draw Steve out of Flowermouthness. 

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