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One (Singular Burrito)

Steve readies for his first massage since COVID-19 hit. Janet shows Rosie the cats at the pet store. The term “pet peeve” was popularized by the Chicago Tribune. Steve did not grow up in a Lucky Charms house. Brendan tries out new Norwegian bits on Dag

About This Episode

Taking a look back at the breakfasts of yore, Steve recalls an excellent egg and toast meal his Mother used to make. Steve is happy to be getting his first massage in a long time, but he’s wondering if his weight loss will call for a shorter time on the table. We listen as Al Kapp tries to take down John and Yoko. We learn about the history of the pet peeve. It’s Ask Janet day and she comes downstairs early to rescue Steve from a discussion on Norwegian cereal. Also, do you need a swan? We know a guy.

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