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Dag visited his dad’s old control room at WGN-TV during his morning appearance today with Poi Dog Pondering. A vacant bedroom in the Dahl house will become Steve’s guitar space. Lombard’s Lilac Parade is Sunday and Steve might do some Man on the Street.

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Dag had an enjoyable and emotional visit to WGN-TV this morning, as Poi Dog Pondering appeared on their new daytime show. We’re all getting ready for the Lilac Parade this weekend. Who do you prefer: Joe Walsh or Jimmy Page? There were low batteries on the Dahl bathroom scale, giving Steve a false reading (false flab). Janet joins us to answer listener email, and she advises listeners not to be homesteaders. What’s the origin of ‘hell in a handbasket’? Steve has a spot-on, un-Googled guess.

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