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Poopin’ Putin

Steve insists it is time to update Uncle Sam’s outfit. Dag saw a man on stilts at Jewel. Steve wants to acquire a decommissioned caboose for the yard. Dag and Mark Roberts are the Acme Storytellers and the duo will perform at The Hideout this Wednesday.

About This Episode

Steve’s been doing some furling and unfurling around the house, and found an answer to a flag question. Should Uncle Sam’s look be updated with a more ‘Keep on Truckin’’ feel? Cabooses are a surprisingly hot commodity, and Steve’s wondering if he should get one. Hold on tight and brace yourself for the arrival of the Winklevoss twins and their song stylings. Vladimir Putin offers employees a chance to start from the bottom and work their way up. What does Dag’s singing voice do to parakeets?  

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