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Puttin’ On The Fritz

The Suez Canal is clear! Hooray! Steve once cruised down the Panama Canal. Tom Thayer took in a Joliet Catholic football game. Tom tells us which quarterbacks he prefers in the NFL draft. The dishwasher was on the fritz, but Steve unjammed the impeller.

About This Episode

There’s trouble on the Suez Canal, but our ideas and comedic observations continue to flow freely. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Steve starts his day with a handyman triumph, dons his tool belt and fixes his dishwasher. Brendan and Dag have never heard of an impeller, but their dishwashers, admittedly, are sponges. We talk with Tom Thayer, and good ol’ Gridiron Greeley peppers him with some relevant questions about the future of the Bears. Can a partially vegan Easter Dinner still be fun? Also, Steve’s new favorite TV show involves the repossessing of aircraft.

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