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Radio vs. Radio

Steve dug up airchecks of Rush Limbaugh from his 1970s music DJ days. Radio keeps changing, but not for the better. Steve and Janet took possession of a fresh coconut cream pie. A Wayfair hutch arrived with a broken piece, but Steve found one elsewhere.

About This Episode

The snow and ice continue to melt in Chicago, and Brendan can finally see his porch again. Steve and Janet have purchased what they both feel is the greatest coconut cream pie they’ve ever encountered. Radio sure ain’t what it used to be, and we listen to the airchecks of a young combative disc jockey (unless there’s a better term for it) named Jeff Christie. Janet answers your questions today, including one that develops during the course of the show: Why can’t Janet meditate? She’s happy about the scarf she receives, but there’s still a hutch that’s causing trouble.

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