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RIP, Da Bull

Steve’s tarps were a hit. Dag never felt full command of his latest gig. Tom Thayer heard fireworks going off at 7:30 in the morning. Brendan wonders if he did right by Coby White. Disco Stu might personify an optimal counterargument to Steve’s critics.

About This Episode

It Begins! Via Brendan, encyclopedia of all things Simpson, we turn to the wisdom of Disco Stu after another one of Nile Rodgers’ yearly diatribes on "the politics of the death of disco". Steve’s sitting this one out. Brendan spots a Chicago Bull while out on his jog, and turns to Tom Thayer for a question on approaching a celebrity athlete. This results in Tom unveiling his Brendan impression. We hear about Tom’s first interaction with Steve. We also power through an internet failure that halts the show. Dag was not pleased with his most recent Expo’76 show. Steve stocks up on bakery goods in advance of Kirschbaum’s yearly month-long vacation.

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