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Rock Hard Avs

Steve wants to write a song about love, but he’s having trouble getting started. Jim Fabbrini gives us a rundown on the hottest flower deals for Valentine’s Day 2022. A mayonnaise killing puts an Iowa man behind bars. Steve is hoping his avocados ripen.

About This Episode

Dag convinces Steve to write a song, instead of enduring more bad television, but he needs to be told what to write about. Brendan and Dag offer some suggestions, so we’ll see if he’s ready to present anything on Monday. In the meantime, everyone’s gearing up to watch "The Big Football Game" on Sunday, including Hank, who’ll be among his favorite humans. Jim Fabbrini joins us, with a reminder that NOW is the time to get those Valentines Day flower orders in. Mayonnaise sparks a murder in small town Iowa.

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