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Rush To Judgement

Steve and Janet attended a poolside condo board meeting. Smoke Detector Medic changed out all the smoke detectors. Janet waited in the car while Steve made a lobster roll run. He placed an erroneous order and struck up a conversation with an Illinoisan.

About This Episode

Steve brings his comedy gold to a poolside condo board meeting, where some new light is shed on the not entirely relatable concerns that his neighbors have. He also learns from a subscriber that, in terms of home repair concerns, always go with a “Doctor” and not with a “Mister”. The certification makes all the difference. Brendan finds joy in the way Bucktown has banded together in the aftermath of the snowstorm. He also fields a phone call from Buzz Kilman, and can’t decide what to give up for Lent. Is the Daytona race too safe? Is Nick Foles’ podcast anything more than a long hello and a menu of things he’s going to talk about? We didn’t make it through the intro, though we gave it a few minutes. Also, there’s breaking news from the world of radio.

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