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Tossed Salad

Steve phoned Joe Gaspar to check on his well-being. There are many men named Steve Dahl in Texas. Janet spotted a turtle crossing the road. The jumble guy drew a Dag cartoon. Is Janet on a 2-year waiting list for tiny dogs? Dag’s car still isn’t fixed.

About This Episode

It’s Thursday on the DahlCast (it’s probably Thursday where you are as well), and so that means we are joined by Janet, who answers email from our great subscribers. Steve feels she has conflicting thoughts on alligators, and that she’s perhaps more frightened of them in photographs than she is of them in real life. We get a news report of some tourists who are, get this, partying on Marco Island. Some great food memories on today’s show, too: Steve was bested in a steak eating challenge in Texas by a petite woman, but he did gallantly help a co-worker at a Detroit radio station by finishing her prime rib. She was on acid at the time. He also recalls a gigantic, man-tossed salad.

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