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Season 1, Episode 5

The power is back on, but now the cable is out! Something funky went down in the DahlCast Studios bathroom. Pete’s got an ear infection. Stephanie is wearing a turtleneck and Buzz likes it. It’s Pizza Night in America. Do you know where your pie is at?

About This Episode

The week of DahlCasts closes out with Pete attempting to cure his swimmer's ear. The power is back on but somehow, Steve's not 100% happy with the state of ComEd and electricity in his neck of the woods. Comcast is not exactly holding up there end of the deal either. Mary relays a horror story about finding a huge mess in the "DahlCast Central" bathroom. Buzz calls in to talk about Stephanie's turtle neck. Buzz is a long time turtle lover. Buzz has met the Dalai Lama, so he's got that going for him. It's Pizza Night in America® too, so there's plenty of pizza talk as well. 

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