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Dag shares his favorite Scott Stapp song, a promotional jam for the Miami Marlins. Gravy flies at an Elmhurst KFC. Steve peruses the egg hunters Facebook page. Shakira’s bag was stolen by wild boar in Barcelona. Our Subscriber of the Day is from Alaska.

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Steve’s still being tortured by the odor of what he assumes is a dead mouse, but his cleaning expedition in his drop ceiling literally backfires on him. He’s now wondering if he’s been poisoned. Food tossing seems to be the hot new crime in Chicagoland, and so we advise everyone to be on the lookout for eggs or gravy being flung in their direction. Also, keep an eye out for wild boars, or should we say wild boar? Ever hear the Beach Boys’ song about Johnny Carson? What about Scott Stapp’s baseball song? Get ready to kick out the jams on today’s DahlCast.

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