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That Smell of Fall

There’s a dead mouse somewhere in Steve’s basement, but he can’t locate the carcass. Joe’s abuela rolled up salted tortillas for a snack. Steve’s parents disguised duck by wrapping it in bacon, but he refused to eat duck. Cole Bennett stopped at 2 Bici.

About This Episode

There's something in the air on this crisp fall day. Is it the scent of pumpkin (allspice, actually; or Chinese 5-spice, as you’ll learn), or is it the smell of decaying mouse? Turns out it's the latter, and Steve is having a difficult time locating the dead mouse in the basement. Speaking of dead animals, Steve recalls his earliest days as a duck-hunting/dressing sportsman. Eminem has opened a new restaurant, and it sounds like he’s got his profit margins in order. Joe meets a handsome video director with tattoos in all the right places.

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