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She Hates Gin

Steve is resisting the urge to order fruitcakes this December. A YouTube cocktail reviewer has a gin blindspot. Kirstie Alley passed away this week. Steve has been to Cheers in Boston, but the details are foggy. Steve’s elevator stories remain dubious.

About This Episode

We take a look at AI bartending, and find it’s a capsule (not sure how to pronounce that word, guys) based industry. Also, do we need to bottle our own sodas? Aren’t there companies doing this already for us? Where is the lemon soda? Speaking of sodas, our lonely friend The Old Nerd finds out what a dream tastes like. What’s the deal with gluten, and was this global intolerance of it always lurking in the shadows somewhere? Hope you’re having a good Friday, subscribers. Thanks for being a part of the DahlCast!

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